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Just a DJ from Yorkshire

I passionately care about what I do.

I have the privilege to call DJing my full-time vocation and I feel privileged every time I DJ, whether a party, a bar, a corporate event or a wedding.  To me it's not work, it's my hobby, if I wasn't DJing I'd still be DJing albeit at home.

Professionally trained in the late 80's by an ex-radio Leeds DJ, with over 25 years’ experience working in some of Yorkshire biggest Clubs, Bars & Hotels.

I eventually saved enough money to get a pair of  turntables in the early Nineties. I spent hours honing my skills, much the the annoyance of my parents downstairs. Then came CD's which refined my ear and technique.

With the release of digital music and CDJ's I fine tuned my skills to perform on any stage, any set up to any sized audience. 

If you'd like to know about me as a bar or club, please click on the link below.